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The Southwestern Soccer Club is a not for profit corporation established to promote the sport of soccer in the Lakewood, NY area.



New York State West Youth Soccer Association

Southern Tier District



Philosophy of the Club

The mission of the Southwestern Soccer Club is to

teach soccer skills,

to teach social skills

and to promote fun

through the game of soccer.

Each coach should create an environment in which the kids can have fun while learning basic soccer skills and the values of

teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Winning should be a byproduct of team effort, not an end in itself.


All coaching should be instructive and positive. It is also the coaches responsibility to ensure the parental conduct of the team is consistent with the mission of the Southwestern Soccer and that no derogatory comments are made to referees, players or coaches.


Our Philosophy .


Our Purpose FUN



Our Goal .

Southwestern Soccer Club


General Rules
  • The referee has the authority to eject players, coaches and/or spectators from the field as he/she deems necessary to ensure a safe and positive atmosphere is maintained.
  • All referee decisions are final and his/her calls shall not be challenged or critiqued by the coaches.
  • Direct all referee critiques to your division coordinator and the referee coordinator or another Southwestern Soccer Club board member (Call 661-KICK).
  • The referee on the field keeps official time.
  • The referee may designate a person on the sidelines to keep time.
  • There shall be no overtime play if games end in a tie.



  • Each coach will designate one linesperson (parent helper to signal out of bounds) before the start of each game and provide this volunteer with the flag from the team equipment bag.
  • The linespersons will only be used if only one referee is present.



  • Each player must play at least two quarters per game
  • No player shall play a third (or fourth) quarter until all have played two (or three).
  • For the U8 and U10 divisions, no player shall play more than one quarter as goalie without playing one quarter in the field.
  • For the U8 and U10 divisions, no player shall play goalie for more than two quarters.


Coaches should ensure all players get roughly equal amounts of playing time over the course of the season. To maximize familiarity with all aspects of the game this playing time should be split between offense and defense (and goalie).



In order to maintain consistency and portray a respectable club, all players will wear non-altered team uniforms. Which shall consist of team shirt, shorts and socks. Referees will not permit players without proper uniforms to play. It will be the responsibility of the offending player to replace or repair altered uniforms.


All team players and coaches shall be located on one side of the field with all spectators on the opposite side of the field. No spectators, players or coaches shall be located along either endline.



Games shall be played in inclement weather except within 15 minutes of visible lightning or other unplayable conditions mutually agreed upon by both coaches and the referee.


League Play


# of Periods

Time of Period

Size of Ball

Number of Players on the field



6 minute periods

Size 3

5 versus 5



8 minute periods

Size 3

7 versus 7



8 minute periods

Size 4

6 versus 6



8 minute periods

Size 4

7 versus 7



15 minute quarters

Size 4

11 versus 11



17 minute quarters

Size 5

11 versus 11



35 minute halves

Size 5

11 versus 11

If a team has less players available than needed to meet the above numbers than the field players will be reduced by 1. For example, If a U10B team has only 5 players at the field than the game will be played as a 5 versus 5 format until more players arrive.

Rules - U6, U8, U10



U6, U8, U10 - All substitution will be done between quarters. The only exception is the replacement of an injured player.

U12, U14, U18 may also substitute at a stoppage in play when their team has possession of the ball. Keep in mind this may make it more difficult for you to keep track of equal playing time amongst the players.


Indirect Kicks - U6, U8, U10

        All infractions (handball, tripping, pushing, holding, etc.) will result in an indirect kick.

        No indirect kicks will be taken inside the penalty area.

        Any infractions occurring inside the penalty area will result in an indirect kick taken from the nearest point on the boundary of the penalty area.


Slide Tackles:

No slide tackles are permitted.



        All defenders must be at least 10 yards from the ball.

        Another player must touch the ball before the player kicking off may touch the ball again.

        No goals may be scored directly on a kickoff for U6, U8 or U10.


Throw Ins:

U6 and U8 players will be allowed one retake of an improper throw in.



U6 and U8 players will not be called for offsides.



No goalies or goal tending is allowed in the U6 divisional play

Goalies are allowed a maximum of six seconds to pass, kick or punt the ball.


U6 Special Rules:

       There shall be no designated goalies and no player may be positioned or maintained in or near the goal area. The intent at this level is to have the players actively pursuing the ball.

       The coaches shall referee the game and shall teach the game as it is played.

       Players will be allowed to make several attempts at skills such as throw in�s and corner kicks.

       Each team shall be allowed a sufficient time to warm up on the field before the game.

       The coaches on the field shall maintain the time of play.



U.S.S.F. Equipment Regulations that must be adhered to:


1.      All players must wear shin guards, and they must be covered by the player's socks.

2.      Goalkeepers: Must wear jerseys that are of a color distinguishable from all other players on the field, they may not wear black, as this will be the uniform color of the game officials.


3.      The following items will not be allowed: watches, rings, earrings, sunglasses, necklaces, hats or any hair restraints containing hard materials (this includes barrettes, bands with plastic balls,etc).


PLEASE NOTE: MEDIC-ALERT Bracelets and necklaces are acceptable, but they should be taped to the skin, except the part showing the players medical condition. Post style earings can also be taped if they do not pose a dange to the players or others on the field.




1.                  Goalkeepers should consider wearing protective equipment.


2.                  Orthopedic braces (knee brace, etc). are permissible, provided that all exposed metal is taped, including rivets, bolts, nuts, etc.


3.                  Plaster casts, splints and ace bandages are permissible, provided, that all metal is taped down. PLEASE NOTE: if a player with an above described items uses it in a dangerous way, or uses it to gain an unfair advantage in play, then the player will be considered to have illegal equipment and must be substituted from the game.


4.                  Players that have orthodontic braces should wear mouth guards for both their safety and the safety of other players.


5.                  It is recommended that players wear soccer shoes since soccer shoes afford better traction, and hence fewer groin and hip injuries. Tennis and running shoes are allowed. Football / baseball/softball shoes are unsafe equipment, because of their hard and pointed cleats. Shoes with one front, centered cleat on the toe will not be permitted although this cleat can be removed to utilized this style shoe. (It is usually possible to cut off this cleat with a utility knife and not change the performance of the shoe.)


REMEMBER: The game official has the responsibility to insure that each player's equipment does not cause unnecessary danger to the players on the field. The FINAL SAY regarding the permissibility of equipment rests with the game official.

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